Try this fun idea for some holiday spirit!


Try this fun idea for some holiday spirit!

christmasHappy Thanksgiving to you all!  We hope that you had a meaningful day and enjoyed your families and friends.  Also, that you ate lots of delicious food and remembered to be thankful on this holiday for the many blessings we enjoy here in the LC Valley.

Now, onward we march towards more holidays!  Yes, we are referring to Christmas and Hanukkah!  We are writing this on the heels of “Black Friday” most people’s favorite shopping day. We must admit that we too enjoy a good bargain!  And walking and shopping all day after a day of eating too much and doing too little is enticing!

However, if shopping for bargains with most of your neighbors in a limited amount of time doesn’t appeal to you, or if you don’t envision yourself getting up at the crack of dawn to score some of the bargains, here is another suggestion; Christina Clark’s Christmas Extravaganza!

Start a new holiday tradition

This is an annual event, scheduled this year for December 8th and 9th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day at the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds.  In addition, there is a $4.00 admission charge.  Or $3.00 if you bring a food or blanket donation.  As well as lots of unique items that the numerous vendors have to offer you, there is a jumping castle, coloring, face painting, movies and games for the children to enjoy while you shop!

And that’s not all!  New for this year is an indoor snowball fight area!  If that’s not enough to convince you to attend, Santa and the Grinch will be strolling around while you shop!  What could be better than to snap some fun family photos with either the hero or the villain of Christmas?

And there’s even more!

Food will be available, you can enter your gingerbread house into the competition, and there will be entertainment!  Here is great new holiday shopping tradition for you and your family!

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