Today is National Button Day!


Today is National Button Day!

buttonsAh, the humble button!  Today is it’s special day!  Who knew?  Why we did, of course!  And now we are sharing all the exciting button information with you!  For example, did you know that sometime in the 1200’s, the button was invented in Germany?  In addition, in 1250 in France, the button maker’s guild was established?  Not only that, but it was the first artisan collective to make buttons more artistic and a status symbol.   The button down collar was invented in 1896.  In addition, in 1900, Muscatine Iowa became the pearl button capitol of the world.  Can you imagine?  What a notable honor for a town in Iowa!

Buttons, buttons, buttons

In this age of velcro and zippers, we still crave the diversity and charm of the button.  They are decorative and functional.  In addition, buttons come from a plethora of different materials.  From clay to plastic.  From wood to bone.  Let us not forget the shell as a button material.  The choices are almost endless!

What can we do with buttons?

Buttons are a must for anyone who sews.  We all have button jars passed down to us through the ages.  The practice of saving buttons began back in the days when our mothers and grandmothers saved EVERTHING as a matter of course.  Even though we may not need to save buttons, we still seem to need to keep adding to the ancestral button collection.

Buttons are essential for craft projects.  We  use them for game markers.  Also as fashion statements on our clothes.  In  conclusion, in a time when we opt for faster and easier, we  believe that some decorative and enduring things like buttons are an important part of what holds us together from generation to generation.

Hail to the lowly button!  Happy National Button Day!

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