It’s time for the Winter clothes switch!


It’s time for the Winter clothes switch!

cold1If Summer is really over, isn’t it time to replace those short sleeved shirts for long sleeves?  In addition, perhaps it is time to retire those shorts and flip flops for another year.  No more floppy sun hats!  Instead, we will need our long pants, long sleeves, sweaters, wooly hats and socks.  All is not lost, however.  Many of us enjoy the change of wardrobe.  If you don’t, just remember, that in six more months you will bring all those Summer clothes out again and they will be such a nice surprise!

Here come hiking boots, warm scarves, wool socks and sweaters, insulated jeans.  Down jackets, gloves and mittens, silly ear-flap hats.  Doesn’t the list just make you excited?  No?  Well, Autumn and Winter can’t and won’t last forever, even if it seems like they might!

But I LOVE my Summer clothes!

Well, all is not lost, you can always wear a thermal shirt underneath that favorite Hawaiian shirt.  Try socks with your sandals, and brave the cold with shorts.  We have seen it done.  By people turning blue, but we have seen it.  However, there is always the option of making your particular Winter fashion statement.  Just look how popular ugly Christmas sweaters have become.  Five year ago, you could buy a truly frightening Christmas sweater for almost nothing, sometimes people would give them to you just to get rid of them.  Now, there are parties with prizes for the ugliest sweater.  How times change!

In conclusion, who knows, you could be credited with starting the next big “thing” in Fall fashion!  Think wool sweater with deer or ducks on it, maybe a big turkey?  The opportunities for self-expression are endless!  All we really need to do is get in the right spirit!  Go out to your local thrift store and renew that Winter wardrobe!  You may well start a new fashion trend, and at any rate, you will be warm all season!

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