Are you suffering post New Year blues?


Are you suffering post New Year blues?

resolutionThe holidays have come and gone.  We put decorations into storage boxes until next year.  Things are being returned to stores for various reasons.  We are making plans for 2019.  We think that a positive attitude is always the best approach to the new year.  If 2018 wasn’t what you had hoped it would be, we now have 361 days to make this year better.

Where to start?

Many of us like to make “New Year’s resolutions”.  These are goals we set for ourselves and try (or don’t try) to meet during the year.  A very wise friend of ours pointed out that the dead of Winter might not be the best time to resolve to exercise more.  A more appropriate goal might be to clean the basement, or to get rid of those clothes in your closet that you don’t love anymore.  Perhaps we should be making resolutions that fit with the time of year we are making them.  It is cold and gloomy most days right now, and we know that if we wait just a bit Spring will come and we can get out and enjoy all that this valley has to offer.

Better New Year resolutions

So, for right now, why not work on inside things?  Changing the paint color in the living room, updating the kitchen, having a more positive attitude about life.  Who knows what we might find to work on inside?  As the Bible reminds us, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose unto heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1. Wise words, and good advice.

Resolutions are really good motivators.  And goals are very important for us all.  So this year, let’s set some goals that are appropriate to the time of year we find ourselves in.  Therefore, purpose to get out and get some exercise in Spring.  Right now, try cleaning that forgotten closet.  Swim more in Summer.

Let’s give it a try!

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