Easter is April 21st this year

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Easter is April 21st this year


eggEaster is coming!  We know that it brings different thoughts to all of us.  Some think of rabbits and eggs, some think of more religious connotations, but whatever it brings to mind for you, it is coming again this year.

We have told you about Easter before, but how do they decide when it will be?  And who decided, anyway?

Why does the date of Easter change every year?

The Council of Nicaea decided that Easter was the first Sunday after the first full moon either on or after the Vernal Equinox.  Clears that right up, doesn’t it?  Further, if the full moon falls on a Sunday, Easter is the next Sunday.  Now you know!  Additionally, it is the first full moon after March 21st.  This process of determining the date of Easter is based on mathematical calculations.  On we go!

And the Vernal, Spring, or March Equinox is what?

The Vernal Equinox and it’s counterpart, the Winter Equinox, are the two days in the year in which the Sun is almost directly over the equator.  In addition, the length of day and night are almost exactly the same.  The dates of the Equinoxes vary some, but usually occur around March 20 or 21, and September 22 or 23.  Follow this link if you are interested in gaining more knowledge on this subject.  Vernal Equinox.

What about Easter?

Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It coincides with the Jewish Passover.  The Last Supper celebrated by Jesus and His disciples was a Passover Feast.  However, it received a new significance after Jesus and His disciples celebrated it.  The elements, bread and wine, represented Jesus’ blood and body, given as a sacrifice for the sin of all.  The sacrament of Communion celebrates Jesus sacrifice.

Legend says that the Easter Bunny lays, decorates, and hides eggs.  Eggs often represent new life.

Now you know!


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