Let’s plant some plants!

Let’s plant some plants!

Now is a great time to put some new color into your yard!  Here are two tips on wonderful plants with which to grace your garden. We think you will love them!  We do!

What Hardiness Zone are we anyway?

According to The Idaho Statesman,” A few years ago, USDA decided our area had warmed up, so re-assigned us from hardiness zone 6 to 7, indicating an expectation that our winters would not be colder than 0 degrees F. I think every winter since then, our temperatures have fallen below zero. Gardeners are far safer concluding we’re in hardiness zone 6, and buying perennials, trees and shrubs that are hardy to that zone, not 7.”

With that in mind, we are suggesting these plants.

Two plants that we love

We find one of our favorites on this list: Hydrangea.  It does well in both zones 6 and 7, blooms from mid-Summer to Fall, likes morning sun and shade in the afternoon, and besides having huge blossoms, they range in color from white through blue and all the way to bright magenta. Sometimes all colors on the same bush!  They tolerate most types of soil, however, their favorite is rich and moist.  If your soil is tired, you should add compost.

Also on the list and a plant that we love is Rose of Sharon.  It reminds us of the Hibiscus that unfortunately, doesn’t like our cold Winters, and so is not the best choice for our area.  But, back to the Rose of Sharon.

This plant, like the Hydrangea, likes morning sun and partial shade in the afternoon.  It prefers well-draining soil. And it likes to be kept moist. But it will survive almost any soil condition.  You can get bushes in colors ranging from white through purple.  Remember, that it can grow up to 10 feet tall and sprouts itself easily so keep it pruned and tamed in your garden!

Good luck and happy planting!


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