Let’s go outside and plant some flowers!

Let’s go outside and plant some flowers!

We have discussed great ground covering plants and some wonderful flowering shrubs, and this week we wanted to enlighten you about some really good flowers to make your garden burst with color!

Isn’t it too late to plant flowers?

No!  And, here in Idaho, many wise gardeners don’t start their vegetables until after Memorial day, which was last week, so we say go ahead! Plant those flowers!

What should you plant?

We love colorful flowers!  No better way to celebrate nice warm weather than with a garden full of bright blooms!  However, we want you to know which ones are the best bet for our area, so here are three types that will grace your garden all Summer and into Fall, and then if all goes well, will come up again next year to grace your garden again!

Our first pick, suggested by Better Homes and Gardens is;  the Viola.  This lovely pansy look-alike as well as the pansy, for that matter, will add a lovely burst of color to any flower bed.  These fun edible flowers range in color from almost white to deep magenta and purple, and can come back and grow next year.  You usually see them as annuals since depending on the Winter weather, they may or may not return next Spring.

Our second favorite is; the Geranium.  These flowers are colorful, hardy, and provide masses of blooms all summer.  You can bring the plants indoors and they will bloom there too.  They need lots of indoor sun to bloom, but if you can keep them over the Winter, they will bloom again next Spring.

Our third plant is; the peony.  Many of our friends and neighbors are growing these big, lush tall blooming flowers.  We think you should join them and grow your own!  Peony blossoms are fragrant, and the shrubs can live quite happily for decades!

Go ahead, plant some flowers today!

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