Let’s all fly our flag this June 14th because it’s Flag Day!

Let’s all fly our flag this June 14th because it’s Flag Day!

Since Flag Day, June 14th is this coming Thursday, and as we told you last year it is a great day to fly the flag. We think this is a good to discuss some American Flag etiquette.

The proper way to display the flag

There is a National Flag Code, and here is some information from it on the proper way to handle and display our national emblem.

First, the flag should only fly  between sunrise and sunset.   Also, the flag should not be displayed during bad weather.

Second, the flag should never touch anything under it or next to it such as the floor, water, or the ground.  It should always hang free and flowing.

How to fly the flag

Third, the union (blue part) should always fly from the highest point.  If the flag is hanging from a rope that extends from a house to a pole, always hoist the flag with the union first.  Except if the flag is at half-mast, always fly the flag with the union at the highest point on the pole, staff, or rope.

Fourth, the flag is not to be worn.  Do not use it as a drape or bedspread. Always carry the flag horizontally, or upright which allows it to fly freely.

Fifth, always hoist the flag briskly. And fold it correctly when you take it down.  When disposing of a worn flag, dispose of it with dignity.  The preferred method is burning.

In conclusion, these things may seem trivial to some, however, this is the emblem of our great nation.  We need to show it the respect that it deserves.  By our actions, we can teach others the proper and respectful way to treat this greatest symbol of our country.

God Bless America!

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