It’s time to help Winter Sprit light up Locomotive Park!


It’s time to help Winter Sprit light up Locomotive Park!

lights1There are many things that remind us that the seasons are changing.  The leaves are turning from green to all colors Autumnal.  The days are getting soggier and shorter.  The temperatures are lower each day.  It’s raining!

Also, we can see the cranes of Winter Spirit at work in Locomotive Park.  This surely means that the holidays can’t be too far off!  Every year since 2001, there have been lights gracing our local park.  The man credited for the idea is Larry Kopczynski.  He had seen a similar display in Tacoma Washington.  Because he was a licensed electrical contractor, he thought it would be great to duplicate what he had seen in Tacoma right here at home in Lewiston.  As a result, he set about doing just that, and now, all these years later, we have a beautiful tradition that grows more eye-catching each year.  Thank you, Larry!

They need volunteers to set up the display!

The Winter Spirit Board is asking for help! According to their website, they say: ” Join us on Saturdays beginning October 8th thru November 19th from 9am to 2pm. We will provide coffee and cocoa, mid-morning doughnuts and a later lunch for volunteers!”  How can you beat that?  You can’t!

Let’s help Winter Spirit light up the park!

This sounds like it has all the makings of a great family tradition!  Not only do you get to help install the biggest light display in the LC Valley, but you can teach your children about volunteering and giving back to our community.  Win Win!

If you are interested, you can go to their website which is:  Winter Spirit and get all the details.

We all love the display, and it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the organizers and helpers, and here is our chance to be a part!

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