Hooray for Monkey Day!


Hooray for Monkey Day!

monkeyThat’s right, December 14th is Monkey Day!  Who knew?  And, how fun! Read on for all the history and details!

Monkey Day?

Yes, friends, there is a holiday about monkeys.  This inventive holiday was first imagined by two art students, Casey Sorrow and Eric Millican.  They jokingly added the “holiday” to a third friend’s calendar, and that is how the holiday became, well, a holiday.  Surprisingly or not, many nations have adopted the holiday and celebrate it.   Both National Geographic and Jane Goodall endorsed it.  In addition, several art museums throughout the world celebrate this day.  According to Wikipedia, dispenser of all knowledge, the special day is described by Hallmark Cards as a “day when monkey business is actually encouraged.”  Further, the Washington Post tells us that Monkey Day is a day to “learn something about these adorable and highly intelligent primates.  Or you could use this day to act like a monkey.”  So there you have the prevailing wisdom about how to properly celebrate this special day.

Is this really a holiday?

This is serious business.  Many zoos throughout the world give programs devoted to celebrating this auspicious day.  Some of the interesting events include: auctions of ape-made art, human art competitions, children wearing monkey masks, and lots of educational information about monkeys.  Especially featured is information about the dangers primates face worldwide.  Add to that storytelling, and you have a pretty serious holiday.

Further, we see that Monkey Day parties are popular as well.  Apparently the purpose of such parties is to raise awareness of vital issues relating to these animals.  The parties may feature competitons for best costumes, who can act like a monkey the longest, and who can do the best primate impression.  If you like monkeys, it is probably lots of fun!

In conclusion, put Monkey Day on your calendar, and eat a banana to toast the noble monkey!
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