Happy Juneteenth Day!

Happy Juneteenth Day!

We love to give you interesting facts and little known information, and Juneteenth is something that we had never heard about before.  Maybe you haven’t either, so read on to learn about Juneteenth Day!

What is Juneteenth Day?

We are glad that you asked!  June 19th is Juneteenth Day.  Although President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation became official on January 1, 1863, it took until June 19th, 1865 for the news to reach the furthest outpost in Texas.  Apparently, there were not enough troops in Texas at the time of the proclamation to enforce it.

By 1865, the regiment of Major General Gordon Granger landed in Galveston, Texas. They brought the news that the slaves had been freed. They also had the manpower to enforce the new law.  However, there are other ideas about the two and a half year delay.  Perhaps the messenger carrying the news never made it to Texas.   Or maybe the news was purposely withheld so that the slaves would just keep working.  Still another thought was that the landowners could at least get one more harvest of their cotton crop before the slaves found out that they had been freed.  Any of these theories could be true, there are probably elements of truth in each of them.  The important fact is that slavery was abolished in America as a result of the American Civil War.

How should we celebrate  Juneteenth Day?

One word, Barbecue!  In addition, rodeos, baseball and fishing also come to mind when speaking about celebrating Juneteenth day.  Also, self-improvement, education and even prayer services. As well as traditional barbecue fare, one can’t forget the strawberry (red colored) soda!  Opinion varies as to why red drinks are a necessary food item at Juneteenth Day celebrations.  However, we found one that we think has merit.  According to Dan Woeller the food entomologist, red drinks signify a special occasion in West Africa, which is known to be the cradle of slavery.

Now you know!

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