December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day! Hooray!


December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day! Hooray!


December 7th is  National Cotton Candy Day!  Who doesn’t love cotton candy?  Well, there are probably those few random mavericks and general malcontents who don’t love it. But there can’t be too many of you out there, can there?  We think not, and this article is for all of you who love this sweet treat.

Who ever thought cotton candy up in the first place?

We have researched this and here is what we found out.  No one seems to know just who invented it.  The treat dates back to the 1400’s.  However, it was a difficult process turning sugar into to what was called “sugar floss”.  And it was expensive. So the common people did not  get to enjoy it.

A dentist of all people, William Morrisson, and  John C. Wharton, a candy maker, invented the first sugar spinning machine back in 1897.  What were they thinking?  Maybe creating job security for the dentist?  They were granted a patent for their invention.  Two years later, they debuted the “fairy floss” at the 1904 World’s Fair In St. Louis .  Another dentist, Josef Delarosa Lascaux, is credited with changing the name of the candy to it’s present name “cotton candy” in 1921.

The best fair food

We all think of cotton candy as circus or fair food.  And so we have to ask, why is National Cotton Candy Day celebrated in December, and not in July or August?  The answer is, no one really knows!  What we do know is that this gives us another great reason to love the Autumn and Winter holidays!

In conclusion, why not start a new family holiday tradition, and celebrate this fun and silly holiday with all of your loved ones?  After all, tis the season for indulgence, so go buy some today to celebrate!  Happy National Cotton Candy Day to you all!

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