What is Boxing Day anyway?


What is Boxing Day anyway?

boxingHere’s what we already know.  Boxing Day is December 26th.  The Brits and the Canadians celebrate it.

We asked our Canadian friend what it is. Apparently, she heard three different legends about it as a child.  We decided that since she was a bit hazy on the details,  we would go to that tower of all knowledge, Google and find out the real story.  Here goes!

Boxing Day

First off, in The UK and Australia, Boxing Day is a bank holiday.  In addition, it is another day to eat Christmas Dinner leftovers, spend time with loved ones and relatives, and generally loaf.  Besides these facts that all authorities agree on, the rest gets murky.

Theory One – Boxes also known as Gifts

According to The Spruce, Boxing Day was a day for servants in manor houses or great estates to receive gifts from the master of the house.  Also, it was a day off for the servants to bring “boxes” or presents to their families.

Theory Two – A day for charity

Traditionally, boxes placed in Churches on Christmas Day to collect money for the poor.  The boxes were opened on the day after Christmas, hence Boxing Day.

Theory Three – A nautical reference

Another legend is that sailing ships carried a sealed money box for luck.  When the ship returned from it’s voyage successfully, the box was given to a priest.  He opened it on Christmas Day.  The priest gave the money to the poor.

As well as these colorful interpretations, we found from another reference that it is also called St. Stephan’s Day.  Stephan, a Christian martyr, died in AD 36.

And finally, in some places, December 26th is “Wren Day”.  Celebrated by killing a wren and tying it to a pole, carrying the pole through the neighborhood, and singing appropriately enough “The Wren Song”.

There you have it, choose the one you like best!

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