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TomDaisyToday is “Stupid Guy Thing Day“.  We had no idea that it was even a thing. Much less that it would be celebrated!  So how did we come to have such a wacky holiday?  We can all thank Tom and Ruth Roy, inventors of any number of silly days to celebrate!

Who are Tom and Ruth Roy and why are they making silly holidays?

Tom Roy is a radio news director and talk show host.  Ruth is an actress, radio host, Mom, and herb expert.  Ok, so why are they inventing wacky holidays?

Well, back in the 1980’s, Tom was doing show prep for his morning talk show.  While prepping, he came up with the idea of “Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day”.  He decided that on February 20th, people in the Northern Hemisphere should go outside at noon, wave either their hands or a beach towel, and chant “hoodie-hoo, hoodie-hoo!”  This signifies that we have had our fill of Winter, and are wishing it away.

Welcome, Silly holiday!

Anyway, as Tom was glancing through “Chase’s Calendar of Events” he noticed a page for submitting new holidays.  That was how Wellcat’s Holidays began.

People loved this wacky holiday idea.  Therefore, Tom and Ruth “invented” about 70 more just for fun!  Some of the more comical are: “Take your houseplant for a walk day”, (July 27th,)  “Stay at home because you are well day” (November 30th) and “Stupid Guy Thing Day” (June 22nd).

The Roy’s idea was to invent and copywrite fun whimsical “holidays” for us all to enjoy. USA Today and Paul Harvey carried their new inspirations .  The new “holidays” were also included in the next issue of Chase’s Calendar of Events.  The Roys had arrived!

We think that the idea of silly holidays is great, who doesn’t love a good excuse to celebrate?  And the good news is that the holidays keep coming!

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