Valentine’s Day, will you be ready?


Valentine’s Day, will you be ready?

v1Today is only February 1st, however, if you are married, in love, or wishing to be, you had better be prepared!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Valentine’s Day, what’s the big deal?

Well, in the US alone, it is a booming industry. The lovelorn spend millions of dollars on flowers, candy, gifts, and cards each year.  Not to mention restaurants, romantic getaways and exotic destinations.  All women love the day, and most men don’t.  You can show your love by sending the traditional gifts listed above.  In addition, if you are more adventurous, you can branch out. Try a gorilla-gram, a pajama-gram, or a six-foot tall stuffed animal!  If you are involved in a relationship, you need to do something!  The choices are as diverse as your imagination!

What started this anyway?

That is an excellent question.  The answer isn’t as easy as the question.  The answer is, it depends upon who you ask.  Your’e welcome.

According to the Catholic church and, there were at least three St. Valentines.  One Valentine, a priest, didn’t care for Rome’s edict that soldiers should not be married.  His solution: he married young loving couples in secret.  Claudius II , The Roman Emperor, was not thrilled when he found out.  He had Valentine put to death.

Some think that Valentine helped Christian prisoners escape from Roman prisons.

Another version of this romantic/tragic story has it that Valentine was in prison and fell in love with the jailer’s daughter.  He wrote her letters of love and signed them “your Valentine”.

Cynics believe that the card making companies first developed the holiday in order to sell more cards in a usually holiday-free time of year.  February is notoriously a romantic month, ( who knows why?) so maybe that is so.

This tradition is entrenched in our culture, whatever its origin.  As we said before, if you are in love, make sure to tell the object of your love with an appropriate gift.


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