Is today National Opposite Day? Yes, no, maybe?


Is today National Opposite Day? Yes, no, maybe?

oppositeIf this is National Opposite Day, then if we say it is then it really isn’t?  does this confuse you?  Maybe January 25th is National Opposite Day, and maybe it isn’t.  Who can tell?  Finally, we believe that today is Opposite Day.  If it is, then who thought it would be a good idea to celebrate (or not) such a thing?

We are or are not glad that you asked.  The best we can determine is that it began during Calvin Coolidge’s time (1920’s) because he made the statement “I do not choose to run”.   Or maybe not.  Maybe it began when President Eisenhower made August 17th, 1959 Opposite Day but only for one day. “Look, I declared Opposite Day a holiday at the behest of my granddaughter.  It was just supposed to be a fun thing for her.  I didn’t realize that it could be pretty hard to come up with opposites of words.  Like what is the opposite of brain?  Or, elephant?  See, it’s difficult.” Dwight. E. Eisenhower(courtesy of

Any other great ideas about who invented Opposite Day?

A third idea is that creators of so many of our zany holidays, Tom and Ruth Roy, thought this gem up.   The Roys created some of our favorites, Bathtub Party Day, Cat Herders Day, and everyone’s favorite, Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day, celebrated  on February 20th. ( Last year we told you about these crazy folks.  Click on the link to refresh your memory!)  Anyway, no matter who created the day, we think that every zany holiday is worth celebrating, so why not wear a high heeled pump on one foot and a Converse Tennis shoe on the other? Or wear your pajamas to work and a business suit to bed?  In order thoroughly enjoy such a silly day, let your inner silly roam free!

In conclusion, do the thing you don’t want to do, and enjoy Opposite Day!


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