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It’s time for Asotin days again! See you there!

This weekend is Asotin Days!  If you like a good time, you should check this out!  It’s happening Saturday August 11th and Sunday August 12th in Asotin Washington.  We have researched this for you, and here is the schedule of events! Asotin Days Schedule of Events Starting Saturday morning, you can enjoy the Lion’s Club […]

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Pergola, anyone?

Summer is here!  We are out and enjoying (or not) all this sunshine.  However, there can be too much of a good thing, and if you are longing for some shade to relax in, why not consider a pergola? What is a pergola? We wanted to tell you exactly, so we Googled it.  Here is […]

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It’s time for “Rockin’ on the River” again!

Yes, Summer is here, and you can tell because it’s time for “Rockin’ on the River“!  As you may or may not know, this annual event is a super time for everyone who attends.  It is sponsored by local businesses. Best of all, it is family friendly.  What could  be better? More Rockin’ details, please! […]

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Let’s get outdoors and enjoy the deck!

Finally, it looks like Summer is here!  With the temperatures rising, we all want to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather!  However, does your deck look old and tired?  What can we do to quickly and inexpensively spruce up your poor deck?  Read on! What about that deck? Wood decks are a wonderful place […]

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Want a wacky holiday to celebrate? Read on!

Today is “Stupid Guy Thing Day“.  We had no idea that it was even a thing. Much less that it would be celebrated!  So how did we come to have such a wacky holiday?  We can all thank Tom and Ruth Roy, inventors of any number of silly days to celebrate! Who are Tom and […]

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Let’s go outside and plant some flowers!

We have discussed great ground covering plants and some wonderful flowering shrubs, and this week we wanted to enlighten you about some really good flowers to make your garden burst with color! Isn’t it too late to plant flowers? No!  And, here in Idaho, many wise gardeners don’t start their vegetables until after Memorial day, […]

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Let’s plant some plants!

Now is a great time to put some new color into your yard!  Here are two tips on wonderful plants with which to grace your garden. We think you will love them!  We do! What Hardiness Zone are we anyway? According to The Idaho Statesman,” A few years ago, USDA decided our area had warmed […]

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Here comes Winter weather!

It’s November, and here comes the Winter weather!  Rain, dark dreary sunless days, mud, and then snow.  Ah the joys of living in Idaho and Eastern Washington! Did you put your outside plants to bed for the Winter? Plants will take the Winter off, but if they don’t die off completely, they want to rest. […]

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