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Art under the Elms is coming!

What’s happening April 26-28th? Of course, it’s  Art Under The Elms.  It is a craft show and much more.  In addition to booths of artisan items, there are two stages where local performance artists and musicians will appear.  Add to that a super food court, and interactive activities for the kids, and it is the […]

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Easter is April 21st this year

  Easter is coming!  We know that it brings different thoughts to all of us.  Some think of rabbits and eggs, some think of more religious connotations, but whatever it brings to mind for you, it is coming again this year. We have told you about Easter before, but how do they decide when it […]

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April is Dogwood Festival month!

Here in Lewiston, the entire month of April is devoted to the Dogwood Festival!  We are glad because it is a great time for such delightful things!  Just in case you’re new to the LC Valley, this is something that you really should check out!  There are a large variety of programs and things to […]

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March 29th is Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day

 Who knew?  We search the Internet often to find interesting and little known facts to impart to you.  Because we strive to keep you informed, we found a dandy!  Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day.  It really is a thing.  We celebrate it on March 29th.  And, Niagara Falls really did run dry.  For all the […]

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Let’s all go to the CAT-FM Home and Garden Show!

We see the snow finally melting.  This MUST mean that Spring will really come.  We are ready.  How about you?  If you are tired of all the snow and cold weather, why not plan to attend the CAT-FM Home and Garden Show this weekend? Here are the CAT – FM details! First of all, the […]

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Interior designers have spoken!

We have it on good authority that Spring will eventually descend upon us.  It may not seem like it with the snow and low temperatures, but so far, every year Spring has come.  With that in mind, we bring you interior designers do’s and dont’s for this year for your edification. What is hot for […]

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Hey, today is World Compliment Day!

Yes, you read that right, World Compliment Day!  What a nice idea!  Compliments are free, easy to give and receive, and have the ability to completely alter someone’s day! What is World Compliment Day? It is just what you’d expect.  The day to give and receive compliments!  Today is the very best day to say […]

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Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival is this weekend!

What is the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival anyway? Thank you for asking.  We asked too!  According to a recent article in the Spokane Spokseman Review,  the festival began at the University of Idaho in 1967. The festival was  originally called the UI Jazz Festival.  The name was changed to honor vibraphone legend, Lionel Hampton in […]

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Hippo Hooray for National Hippo Day!

Yes dear readers, today is indeed National Hippo Day!  We were blissfully unaware of this prestigious holiday until very recently (yesterday to be exact).  However, we believe that this is a little-known holiday that deserves more attention! A day to celebrate the Hippo? Certainly!  And why not?  We have many holidays devoted to much less […]

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Valentine’s Day, will you be ready?

Today is only February 1st, however, if you are married, in love, or wishing to be, you had better be prepared!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Valentine’s Day, what’s the big deal? Well, in the US alone, it is a booming industry. The lovelorn spend millions of dollars on flowers, candy, gifts, and […]

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