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Our “August Nights” event is here!

Lewiston’s “Hot August Nights” is right around the corner!  The dates are August 23rd, 24th, and 25th.  This event features the best, coolest cars and trucks around on show for you to enjoy.  To top it off there is an amazing concert on Saturday night!  Click on this link for the schedule of events: Lewiston’s […]

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Pergola, anyone?

Summer is here!  We are out and enjoying (or not) all this sunshine.  However, there can be too much of a good thing, and if you are longing for some shade to relax in, why not consider a pergola? What is a pergola? We wanted to tell you exactly, so we Googled it.  Here is […]

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It’s yard sale season! Time to shop!

We love a good yard sale, and now is the peak season for them.  You can find almost anything at some neighbor’s yard sale if you are patient and look each weekend.  The bargains are tremendous!  What a great way to recycle your unwanted items!  So often we wish there was a way to lighten […]

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Happy Independence Day! July 4th, right?

Last year, we discussed the debate regarding the date that Independence was established in America .  According to John Adams, the date was July 2nd.  However, Thomas Jefferson thought that July 4 was the correct date.   Apparently, the Continental Congress voted to accept the Declaration on July 2nd.  However, it took the members another two days until […]

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Let’s go outside and plant some flowers!

We have discussed great ground covering plants and some wonderful flowering shrubs, and this week we wanted to enlighten you about some really good flowers to make your garden burst with color! Isn’t it too late to plant flowers? No!  And, here in Idaho, many wise gardeners don’t start their vegetables until after Memorial day, […]

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Let’s get that vegetable garden ready for Winter!

Bye-bye Summer, Hello Autumn, and there’s Winter peeking around the corner.  We have all been enjoying the produce from our  ” Summer” garden, lots of salads, fresh tomato and cucumber marinade, grilled squash, corn.  Now, it’s time for canning, and putting our gardens to bed to rest all Winter and be ready to grow again […]

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