Pergola, anyone?

pergolaSummer is here!  We are out and enjoying (or not) all this sunshine.  However, there can be too much of a good thing, and if you are longing for some shade to relax in, why not consider a pergola?

What is a pergola?

We wanted to tell you exactly, so we Googled it.  Here is what Google has to say: “An archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants.”  So now you know what Google says.  What could be better than shade created by lovely living plants?  Onward!

One way to build your pergola

You can use any number of designs.  You can find way more plans to build a pergola than you probably want to look at online.

First, you need four  upright posts. These posts can either be sunk in the ground or you can put them in large planters.  If you use the planter approach,  fill the planters at least half-way full with concrete or broken concrete blocks.  This will keep them from moving around.

Second, put lag screws through the outside of the planter, through the upright wood post, and through the other side of the planter to keep the upright posts from moving in the pots.  A maximum of six feet between upright posts is best.  Any more space between them will compromise the sturdiness of you rstructure.  In addition to the concrete in the bottom of the planters, fill them with soil and plants for the best effect.

What next?

Once you have the upright supports made, you need to make a framework of joists to attach your roof slats to.  Joists are a series of parallel material, steel or wood  used to support your ceiling.  Once you have your joists done, attach your ceiling slats and prepare to enjoy your new pergola!

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