It’s yard sale season! Time to shop!

garage1We love a good yard sale, and now is the peak season for them.  You can find almost anything at some neighbor’s yard sale if you are patient and look each weekend.  The bargains are tremendous!  What a great way to recycle your unwanted items!  So often we wish there was a way to lighten the household load but we don’t want to throw useful things away, and someone else may need these items or just want them.  The solution is a yard sale.  Everyone knows that!  Who doesn’t love to browse tables and tables of our neighbors items, searching for that thing that will look perfect in your home?  You want it, and the seller doesn’t.  It is a match made in heaven!

The price marked isn’t necessarily the price you pay

When you go to the store, you select your item. You look at the price. You then decide if you value it as much as the store does.  Finally, you pay for said item.  This is not the case at yard sales.  Some people think that the best part of buying at yard sales is the bartering.  We do not think that, but we know that some people do.  Usually, the price marked is just the starting place.  Most sellers can be bartered down.   Haggling can get intense, but in the end, one can either agree on a price with the seller or walk away.

Yard sales: really good things for cheap

Yard sales are the place to find really good useful items at bargain prices all the time.  Sometimes the seller is unaware of something’s value, more often, they just want the item to go away.  But whatever the reason, it is almost always easy to find that thing you just can’t live without at your neighbor’s sale.

So, go forth and shop!

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