It’s Clearwater County Fair / Lumberjack Days Time!

clearwater1Yes, dear readers, it’s almost time for this year’s Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days, held in Orofino.  Festivities begin the third weekend in September, the 13th through the 16th.  In case you have never attended, we have linked to a page detailing all the fun FREE things there are to do there.  In addition, there is a carnival with paid admission that our children have always loved.  However, if you want a fun free weekend, look no further!

The Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days

The fair buildings open for visiting on Friday, September 14th.  What that means is that you can stroll through the exhibit buildings and see how the fruits of your neighbor’s labors made out in the judging.  And how well the 4-H kids did with their various projects.  You can see some truly amazing Lego creations, and check out some great photography

Do you love to look at livestock?

Don’t forget to visit the livestock barn!  There you will see lots of cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, and small creatures.  Your neighbor’s children have been lovingly tending these animals all Summer,so come and view the results of all of their hard work.  And, if you are wishing to fill your freezer with some locally grown meat, you may purchase one of the animals at the auction on Saturday.  (Check the website for more details please.)

What else is there to do?

There are parades on Friday and Saturday, a draft horse pull Saturday night, and all day Sunday a FREE lumberjack show!

The Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days promoters pass a bucket for donations.  They also hold an auction of goods and services donated by local businesses and individuals. Therefore,  if you want to  support this grand weekend, you will have opportunities to do so.

In conclusion, it is a great time for the whole family, so go and enjoy!

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