Hippo Hooray for National Hippo Day!


Hippo Hooray for National Hippo Day!

hippoYes dear readers, today is indeed National Hippo Day!  We were blissfully unaware of this prestigious holiday until very recently (yesterday to be exact).  However, we believe that this is a little-known holiday that deserves more attention!

A day to celebrate the Hippo?

Certainly!  And why not?  We have many holidays devoted to much less interesting things.  Like Gumdrop Day, (also celebrated today), and ” introduce a girl to engineering day”, ( celebrated today as well).

In honor of this auspicious day, we want to inform you of a few interesting and little-known facts about this African animal.

First, as you may or not know, Hippopotamus means “River Horse” loosely translated from the Greek.    They are semi-aquatic, living on land and in the water.  And they are mostly herbivorous.  Hippos rise in the water every three to five minutes to breathe.  Even if they are asleep, they automatically surface to breathe without having to wake up.  Pretty amazing!

Second, the Hippopotamus is the third largest land mammal following the Elephant and the Rhinoceros.   They can weigh in at over a ton, closer to a ton and a half (3300 pounds or so!).  And, in spite of their stocky (tank-like) build and short legs, they can easily outrun a human.  They are one of the most aggressive animals in the world.  However, they are territorial only when in the water.  Or so our sources say.

Third, they will  travel up to six miles on land in order to feed.  Considering their huge size, they eat relatively little, around 150 pounds at a time.

Did you know?

A forward-thinker, Robert F. Broussard, introduced an American Hippo bill back in 1910.  He wanted $250,000 from the federal government to import Hippos from Africa.  His thinking was that this would solve two problems.  First, they would provide a source of meat, and second, they would eat a problem plant called the Water Hyacinth which was invading Louisiana.  The bill failed by one vote.



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