Hey, today is World Compliment Day!


Hey, today is World Compliment Day!

happy1Yes, you read that right, World Compliment Day!  What a nice idea!  Compliments are free, easy to give and receive, and have the ability to completely alter someone’s day!

What is World Compliment Day?

It is just what you’d expect.  The day to give and receive compliments!  Today is the very best day to say all those nice things to your co-workers, teachers, bosses, family members, random strangers that you might be afraid to say any other day.  It is a great day to notice the nice things being done for you and give an encouraging word.  How about that grocery worker who helped you out with your groceries?  Or that helpful salesperson who found just what you were looking and looking for and in your size and color?  Maybe your Doctor stayed late to see you.

The main point of World Compliment Day is to say or write something to someone you might not ordinarily think to thank or compliment.  The bigger view is that today is a great day to be nice to everyone you have any contact with.  What a novel idea!

How did World Compliment Day begin anyway?

Hans Poortvliet, of the Netherlands originally thought this day up.  He works as a recognition professional.  Mr. Poortvliet initiated the holiday in his home country, and it was extremely successful.  He wondered if it would catch on worldwide.  The idea is that if everyone takes time to compliment just three people who they interact with on the same day, everyone would have a happier more positive day.  We agree!

How to celebrate World Compliment day, you wonder?

The idea of this holiday is to either compliment people directly or to write notes. Therefore, presents are discouraged.  Mr. Portvliet thinks that there are enough holidays that require expensive gifts and signs of affection already.  His idea with this one is free and we can all participate.

Get out there and compliment!

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