Happy Independence Day! July 4th, right?

flagLast year, we discussed the debate regarding the date that Independence was established in America .  According to John Adams, the date was July 2nd.  However, Thomas Jefferson thought that July 4 was the correct date.   Apparently, the Continental Congress voted to accept the Declaration on July 2nd.  However, it took the members another two days until July 4th to complete and ratify the final version.  So, who was right?  You can choose, but in America, July 4th is the date to celebrate!

In a strange bit of fate, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826.

What about the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War  began on April 19, 1775 and concluded on September 3, 1783.  The war began in Lexington Massachusetts. The last battle fought was in Yorktown, Virginia. By the time the Declaration of Independence was finished, the war had already started .  The king of England, King George III, was punishing the colonies with harsh taxes and levies.  The colonists had fought back with acts like the Boston Tea Party.  The colonists banded together and formed the first Continental Congress to send a letter of grievances to the king.  The king ignored the letter, so the colonies formed the second Continental Congress.

This was the group of men who decided on drafting the Declaration of Independence.  They also came together to fund the militia to fight the British. The last battle of the war ended in 1781. That was two years before a treaty ending the war was signed.  One reason is that the politics of England changed during the war, and and the new prime minister was more willing negotiate with the Americans.  It took a further two years to iron out the details of the treaty.

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Happy Independence Day!

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