Chinese New Year starts on February 5 this year!


Chinese New Year starts on February 5 this year!

newDid  you know that this year Chinese New Year celebrations begin on February 5th?  No, well we did!  We believe that it is our responsibility to inform you about all these important holidays!  And, if this isn’t a day you would ordinarily celebrate, remember, billions of people do.  Therefore, we think you can too!

The actual day that Chinese New Year begins changes.  The celebration begins on the first day of the new moon.  It lasts for 15 days and ends on the full moon. The Chinese Lantern Festival occurs on the final day of the celebration.

What about the animals and the years?

An animal is used to represent each year.  There are 12 different animals.  The Chinese believe that certain traits come from the animal representing the year you were born in.  This year is the Year of the Pig, and you can look it up to see what characteristics apply to someone born this year.  Or, you can find out what characteristics apply to the year you were born.  Click here: Chinese year animals.  Furthermore,  your zodiac year is bad luck!

More about Chinese New Year

It is the longest Chinese holiday.   Traditionally, it is a time to spend with your family.  It is a national holiday.  Also known as Spring Festival.  It is the largest migration holiday.  People return home to be with parents and other family members.  Single people often “rent” a boyfriend or girlfriend to take home.  Children receive money in red pockets or envelopes.  The theory is that it transfers good fortune from the elders to the children.  People eat dumplings every day for every meal.  Everyone decorates their homes in red.  It is believed that red is a color that scares away monsters. Because one out of every five people is Chinese, the holiday is celebrated all around the world.

For more information and fun facts, you can look Chinese New Year up!



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