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Valentine’s Day, will you be ready?

Today is only February 1st, however, if you are married, in love, or wishing to be, you had better be prepared!  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Valentine’s Day, what’s the big deal? Well, in the US alone, it is a booming industry. The lovelorn spend millions of dollars on flowers, candy, gifts, and […]

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Are you suffering post New Year blues?

The holidays have come and gone.  We put decorations into storage boxes until next year.  Things are being returned to stores for various reasons.  We are making plans for 2019.  We think that a positive attitude is always the best approach to the new year.  If 2018 wasn’t what you had hoped it would be, […]

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The 12 Days of Christmas

We all know the song, ” The 12 Days of Christmas”.  Love it or hate it, it is a standard of holiday music.  What it means seems to be something people don’t agree on, but still we sing it with gusto!  The words we all know more or less. They refer to someone receiving  livestock […]

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The holidays are upon us!

Here comes the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays right around the corner!  Are you ready?  We all think of shopping, perhaps Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), sales, Christmas trees and lights.   We are on the move. Seeing more people in the stores, enjoying the spectacular lights in Locomotive Park, attending seasonal functions, singing, and […]

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Hooray for Monkey Day!

That’s right, December 14th is Monkey Day!  Who knew?  And, how fun! Read on for all the history and details! Monkey Day? Yes, friends, there is a holiday about monkeys.  This inventive holiday was first imagined by two art students, Casey Sorrow and Eric Millican.  They jokingly added the “holiday” to a third friend’s calendar, […]

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December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day! Hooray!

December 7th is  National Cotton Candy Day!  Who doesn’t love cotton candy?  Well, there are probably those few random mavericks and general malcontents who don’t love it. But there can’t be too many of you out there, can there?  We think not, and this article is for all of you who love this sweet treat. Who […]

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Try this fun idea for some holiday spirit!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  We hope that you had a meaningful day and enjoyed your families and friends.  Also, that you ate lots of delicious food and remembered to be thankful on this holiday for the many blessings we enjoy here in the LC Valley. Now, onward we march towards more holidays!  Yes, we […]

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It’s time to help Winter Sprit light up Locomotive Park!

There are many things that remind us that the seasons are changing.  The leaves are turning from green to all colors Autumnal.  The days are getting soggier and shorter.  The temperatures are lower each day.  It’s raining! Also, we can see the cranes of Winter Spirit at work in Locomotive Park.  This surely means that […]

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Who wants to take a “Haunted Hayride”?

Why, we all do, of course!  So here’s your chance to take one!   It is time for  the annual Hells Gate State Park “Haunted Hayride” .  The event is scheduled for October 28th.  It starts at 7:00 PM.  According to Charlie Chase, the manager of the park, “The Haunted Hayride is the right combination of […]

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It’s time for the Winter clothes switch!

If Summer is really over, isn’t it time to replace those short sleeved shirts for long sleeves?  In addition, perhaps it is time to retire those shorts and flip flops for another year.  No more floppy sun hats!  Instead, we will need our long pants, long sleeves, sweaters, wooly hats and socks.  All is not […]

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