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It’s time for Asotin days again! See you there!

This weekend is Asotin Days!  If you like a good time, you should check this out!  It’s happening Saturday August 11th and Sunday August 12th in Asotin Washington.  We have researched this for you, and here is the schedule of events! Asotin Days Schedule of Events Starting Saturday morning, you can enjoy the Lion’s Club […]

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It’s time for “Rockin’ on the River” again!

Yes, Summer is here, and you can tell because it’s time for “Rockin’ on the River“!  As you may or may not know, this annual event is a super time for everyone who attends.  It is sponsored by local businesses. Best of all, it is family friendly.  What could  be better? More Rockin’ details, please! […]

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It’s yard sale season! Time to shop!

We love a good yard sale, and now is the peak season for them.  You can find almost anything at some neighbor’s yard sale if you are patient and look each weekend.  The bargains are tremendous!  What a great way to recycle your unwanted items!  So often we wish there was a way to lighten […]

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The sun is out! Let’s get out into the garden!

Finally, some sunny days all in a row!  Time to get out into the garden! Where in the garden to start? Good question!  According to The Plant Guide,  first, you should  give your garden a thorough cleaning!  Remove dead leaves, stalks, and blooms or dead annual plants.  Start with a clean slate!  You don’t need […]

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April is here and so is the Dogwood Festival!

It’s Dogwood Festival month here in the LC Valley!  We believe that this annual celebration does indeed usher in Spring and better weather.  Although we can not prove it, it makes us cheerier to think so! For all the details about the schedule of events, you can click on this link. LCSC Dogwood Festival. More […]

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Easter is this Sunday

Today, we want to delve into the meaning of Easter Sunday, and what it means to us. The meaning of the word Easter There is a difference of opinion about where the word Easter originally came from.  According to, some believe it came from ” the Anglo-Saxon Eeostre or Easter – a Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility.” […]

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Happy “Curling is Cool Day”! Remember it from the Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympics are almost over.  In addition, today is “Curling is Cool Day”.  That’s right, an actual holiday is devoted to everyone’s favorite Winter sport, Curling.  For those of you not glued to your television for the recent extensive coverage of the Olympic Games, let us  introduce you to the sport  of Curling. […]

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