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Let’s go outside and plant some flowers!

We have discussed great ground covering plants and some wonderful flowering shrubs, and this week we wanted to enlighten you about some really good flowers to make your garden burst with color! Isn’t it too late to plant flowers? No!  And, here in Idaho, many wise gardeners don’t start their vegetables until after Memorial day, […]

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Let’s plant some plants!

Now is a great time to put some new color into your yard!  Here are two tips on wonderful plants with which to grace your garden. We think you will love them!  We do! What Hardiness Zone are we anyway? According to The Idaho Statesman,” A few years ago, USDA decided our area had warmed […]

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Dogwoods and Spring are blooming!

As we told you last time, April is Dogwood Festival month here in the LC valley.  As you can see, the dogwoods are beginning to bloom, and that means that Spring is officially here!   American Natives used the blooming of the dogwoods as an indicator of when to plant corn every year.   They […]

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Trees and Shrubs ready for Winter?

Here comes Winter, do you know what to do  with those trees and shrubs to prepare them ? This week, we are tackling your trees and shrubs.  The areas around your trees and shrubs,  like your vegetables,  need to be tidied up.  Remove any dead stems down to the ground, and get rid of any […]

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Let’s get that vegetable garden ready for Winter!

Bye-bye Summer, Hello Autumn, and there’s Winter peeking around the corner.  We have all been enjoying the produce from our  ” Summer” garden, lots of salads, fresh tomato and cucumber marinade, grilled squash, corn.  Now, it’s time for canning, and putting our gardens to bed to rest all Winter and be ready to grow again […]

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