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Pergola, anyone?

Summer is here!  We are out and enjoying (or not) all this sunshine.  However, there can be too much of a good thing, and if you are longing for some shade to relax in, why not consider a pergola? What is a pergola? We wanted to tell you exactly, so we Googled it.  Here is […]

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Let’s get outdoors and enjoy the deck!

Finally, it looks like Summer is here!  With the temperatures rising, we all want to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather!  However, does your deck look old and tired?  What can we do to quickly and inexpensively spruce up your poor deck?  Read on! What about that deck? Wood decks are a wonderful place […]

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Ah Spring! Time for Spring cleaning!

 Last week we told you all about the Vernal or Spring equinox, so we are going with the thought that Spring is really on it’s way.  On that note, we remember the fun(?) of Spring cleaning.  And we have  some ideas about that! Where do I start my Spring cleaning? Well, we believe that you […]

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Some hot interior design trends for 2018

It’s January, the weather is cold, wet, muddy, Winter weather.  Boring!  So let’s have a look at what the “experts” are predicting will be 2018’s hot interior design trends. What’s out for 2018? Our experts at Country have told us that having a bold accent wall in every room was big back in the 80’s […]

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Won’t my house EVER sell?

Here we are in August already, and you house is still on the market.  Maybe you should re-think your price? What about the price? We all want to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest.  Your real estate agent wants you to get as much for your home as possible.  That being […]

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It’s Hot! Here’s how to keep your garden vegetables happy

Finally, the Summer has arrived with hot hot temperatures.  Are you worried about your garden of vegetables ?  Don’t be!  We can help! What vegetables won’t die in the heat? There are certain plants that thrive in hot weather.  They are:  tomatoes, melons, peppers, eggplant, corn and squash. Therefore,, these warm-weather lovers need at least […]

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My house is for sale, how can I attract more buyers?

You are trying to sell your home.  You have contacted and contracted a licensed real estate agent.  The two of you have agreed on a price and advertised your home.  What can you do to attract more potential buyers?  We can tell you! Step one:  Make your curb appeal really appeal! It is Summer, and […]

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It’s a seller’s market, but what does that mean?

We have all been told “it’s a seller’s market“.  But what does that mean, exactly?  We know that now is the time most buyers and sellers want to buy or sell their homes and move.  It’s Summer, the weather is good, the flowers are blooming and the garden is growing. Seller’s market means…. First, it […]

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Packing for a move, part two

Last time, we discussed how to prepare for a move.  Boxes, tape, packing material, and what you could pack first. Winter clothes, living room items that you don’t use all the time.  That’s fine, but you have gotten all the non-essential items packed.  Good for you!  Now,  how do you decide what you can and […]

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On packing for a move, part 1

You have sold your home, and it’s time to move.  You have boxes, packing tape, a Sharpie to mark the boxes, friends and loved ones to help you pack.  All ready, don’t you think?  Well, guess again!  Not only do you need the items listed above.  In addition, you will need patience, fortitude, lots of […]

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