Today is national Barbie doll day! Yay!

The Barbie doll is a national icon.  Everybody knows that. She made her debut back in 1959.  Read about her here! Did you know this about the Barbie doll? According to, Barbie first arrived at the National Toy Fair in New York back in 1959.  She was the first doll with adult physique and […]

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Happy 113th birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Who does’t know and love at least one or all of the iconic children’s books authored by Dr.Theodor Seuss Geisel?  Nobody, right?  Because we know that you want to know, we will tell you all about him! How did Dr. Seuss get started anyway? Actually, Dr. Seuss began his career as an illustrator.  Some of […]

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Happy “Curling is Cool Day”! Remember it from the Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympics are almost over.  In addition, today is “Curling is Cool Day”.  That’s right, an actual holiday is devoted to everyone’s favorite Winter sport, Curling.  For those of you not glued to your television for the recent extensive coverage of the Olympic Games, let us  introduce you to the sport  of Curling. […]

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It’s King Tutankhamen’s Birthday!

Not really, but today is the anniversary of the day that archeologist Howard Carter first opened the door to the king’s burial chamber, back in 1923.  Carter arrived in Egypt  in 1891. Backed by Lord Carnarvon, a rich British subject, he began to search for undiscovered tombs.  Carter believed there was at least one tomb left […]

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It’s February 2nd, Groundhog Day!

February 2nd is Groundhog Day.  You probably knew that already.  But do you know how it started?  Well, just in case you didn’t, we do, so we will enlighten you. Who thought up Groundhog Day anyway? Groundhog Day was first celebrated in America in 1887.  The tradition of celebrating Groundhog Day comes from German immigrants who […]

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Is Winter weather over yet? Depends on who you ask!

Are you tired of the gloomy, muddy, wet weather we have been experiencing lately?  Well we are!    According to, we are in for a milder Winter than last year.  Good news!  Last year was estimated to be the 12th largest snowfall in the last 100 years.  The temperature was very cold, too.  So […]

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Some hot interior design trends for 2018

It’s January, the weather is cold, wet, muddy, Winter weather.  Boring!  So let’s have a look at what the “experts” are predicting will be 2018’s hot interior design trends. What’s out for 2018? Our experts at Country have told us that having a bold accent wall in every room was big back in the 80’s […]

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The circus is 250 years old this year!

    Last time, we told you that this year is the 250th anniversary of the circus.  We were intrigued by that, and we wanted to know more.  We hope you do too! The first circus in the year 1768 Previously we  mentioned Phillip Astley, the first person to present a circus, which he did […]

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